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At this time, NO SUBSCRIPTION PLAN is required to access the SCORETREND ASIANODDS

The draw balance is now chargeable and included in subscription plans until 31 August 2024 then it will have its own subscription given the incredible results:

  • Professional: alert and display on home and predictions
  • Advanced: home viewing and predictions
  • Essentials: home viewing and predictions


scoretrend's asianodds are free, open to all and without the need to log in.


Subscription plans are valid and functional for all other scoretrend services, such as bar charts, Goal Trend, alerts, dynamic line stats etc.

Professional ScoreTrend Plan


ScoreTrend's Professional subscription includes all the features found in our software. This is the complete subscription for those who want unique and advanced tools to support them as a sports trader or advanced bettor.

The Professional plan includes the following features

  • Ad removal
  • Goal Trend and Team Trend
  • Dynamic Line Stats
  • Half Time Quote Panel
  • Chart Shots
  • Customised Strategies or Alerts

With this plan, you can build your own football strategies and receive alerts directly on Telegram. The user can set as many parameters as they like including:

  • Live statistics (shots on goal, shots off goal, corners, penalties, attacks, etc.)
  • Pre-match statistics (goal averages)
  • Live and pre-match odds
  • Asian spreads
  • Goal Trend and Team Trend
  • Exact results
  • Minutes
  • Leagues in 2600

All implementations that we constantly release will be implemented in this plan.

Duration: 1 Month
Price: €39.00